Saturday, October 19, 2013

Let me introduce Myself, I am Iguana

This article I will discuss about the iguanas, exotic animals this is not foreign to your ears, perhaps the reader has probably keep it at home and you've joined the community itself Iguana lover hehe

Iguna an animal that came from mainland South America, Brazil, Venezuela, Central America, and also in the Caribbean. Iguana was first mentioned by a naturalist kebangangsaan Austria, namely Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti in 1768.

Animals that have similarities with this lizard lives are in the tropics, usually found on land, pastures, and shady trees. These animals belong to herbivores, eating plants and fruits, usually in the wild she prefers fresh leaves, hibiscus, and grass. These animals have good eyesight and can see the shape, shadow, color, and movement at great distances. Her eyes used to steer wading dense forests, in finding food.

Iguana has a fold of skin under the jaw, and a set of hard skin that lined the back to the tail, and the third eye or eye parietaldi head. The back of her neck a tiny scales that resemble long spikes (tuberculate scale), and large scales round in cheek (sheath subtimpani). This animal ear called the tympanum, which is located in the upper right subtimpani sheathing and behind the eyes.
They respond to visual stimuli in the form of color such as orange, yellow, pink, and blue food substance contained in them, therefore they are hard to find because of its ability to blend with the environment.

Hopefully the above discussion you can add insight hehe

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