Friday, March 6, 2015

How to See Sex Iguana

Male iguana is characterized by the presence of large pockets of fat on the back of the head.

Male iguana jaw also large and has a large femoral pores below the thigh.

Female iguana being characterized by a smaller head size. Female iguana does not have large pockets of fat in the head. In addition, female femoral pores are small.

During the breeding season, the male iguana spines on the back of generally more upright and the head often is driven like nodding.

Male iguanas become more aggressive during mating season. They also tend to shy away when approached.

As the mating season, the female iguana would dig a hole in an area that receives a lot of sun to lay their eggs there.

The female then covers the eggs and left to hatch by themselves. All eggs will usually hatch simultaneously.



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