Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Reasons to Preserve Iguana

 What the hell actually think people want to maintain Iguana, is not afraid of what they look in advance sangarnya? Not afraid also of what is bitten by it? Kan mening melihara cute and spoiled cat, or a dog that can according to baseball and faithful. Yahh .. it all possible is thought by those who
Iguana had never known, here I will share what the heck is the reason for people to like at this frightening animals .. hehe

There are a number of reasons for maintaining iguana. Some of these are as follows:

1. The iguanas are herbivores
Their diet consists of flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves. People do not have to visit a pet store to buy food for an iguana. You only need to pluck from the garden or bought from vegetable or flower shop. It's simpler and cheaper than most other pet foods.
As owners of other pets, the pet food purchased from a pet store. This may be limited to dog food to dog or cat food for cats, other pets but may require various diet consists of rats, cockroaches, worms or crickets.

2. Iguana love with its owner.
Interaction between pet owners and their iguana simple compared to other pets such as snakes and lizards. As an indication that they grow like their owners, some iguanas have been known to sleep next to their owners. They may also be quiet after being arrested, but will act aggressively toward strangers, that they may even bite.

3. Iguana has a long life span
Iguana life span of 20 years but most likely to have been known to live up to twenty-nine years. A pet with a long life is usually a large amount invested into medicines and food services to extend the life of his pet animals, but it also does not guarantee.

4. The absence of hair
Only a few people are allergic to the iguana because they do not have fur or hair. Patients with asthma should not worry about the iguana as a pet because it is clean and absence of particles that can trigger asthma attacks.

5. Education
Much can be learned by children only with caring for iguanas. Knowledge of animal husbandry, temperature, food, etc. will be obtained by them in the care of an iguana. A study of prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs can be introduced to children as their distant relatives lizards. In addition, they are good friends for a class presentation, as well as a good research subject.

6. Physical
Iguana is a beautiful creature to be observed. Tail lingered from his body and is sometimes used when defend themselves from predators. It has a large round body. Interact with others with a strong tail lashes and bobbing its head. Furthermore, he has a keen sense of smell, hearing and vision are both acute. It is also a long fast.
It is clear that there are many reasons for a person to have an iguana. Do not hesitate to buy one from a pet store you now.

Hopefully the above discussion you can add insight hehe
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